About Metroplex

Metroplex Owners Beth & Bryan Streeter

Why Metroplex?

At Metroplex Gymnastics, we believe the best way for your child to learn is to have a consistent, trained and experienced instructor. For this reason, our gymnastics staff is USA Gymnastics trained and certified, USA Gymnastics safety certified and CPR first-aid certified. Additionally, most of our instructors are career gymnastics instructors with years of experience. Unlike other gymnastics facilities in town, we chose NOT to hire local teenagers to instruct our classes.

Metroplex has been owned and operated by the Streeter family since 1975, 40 years ago. The owners are on-site most every day and you are encouraged to grab one of them for any questions, concerns or general feedback. Having ONE location (Allen) allows the Streeter family the ability to focus their attention to the ONE facility and one staff; something you'll be hard-pressed to find at other gym's in the area with facilities all over Texas.

Finally, here are some questions to consider when choosing a gymnastics school for your child. We take pride in our history, our staff and the fact that your child is not just a number on a roster. We thank you in advance for trusting us to teach your child and look forward to answer any of your questions or concerns.  

What to look for when choosing a gymnastics school:
  • Can you choose the teacher for your child?
  • Can you read the teachers bio and find out their experience level?
  • Does the gym have a long history of safety? Is the gym a USA Gymnastics member club?
  • Can you talk with the OWNER if you have questions?
  • Does the gym have a clean & bright facility where safety is important?
  • Does the gym have a history of training all level of gymnastics? (Beginning preschoolers - International Elites)
  • Does the gym charge for make-up classes?  

Metroplex Gymnastics was founded in the summer of 1975 by Sandy and Allen Streeter. Upon opening 42 years ago, Sandy & Allen had 4 children between the ages of 6 months old and 5 years old. Today, all 4 children are grown and have worked in the family business. The Streeter's 4 children, and 9 grandchildren live in Allen. In 2009 son Bryan & his wife Beth took over Metroplex Gymnastics & Swim. The Streeters have dedicated their lives to educating children through gymnastics, swimming, tumbling, pre-school, and schools out camps. The Streeters take pride in the business they love.  Its been a long journey since 1975 & we have learned a lot along the way. If a business as been around for that long they must be doing something right.