Daily Activities

What do we do at Metroplex Preschool?

Opening Activities:

A variety of activities are provided that rotate on a daily basis. Children may choose activities in the following areas:

  • process oriented art activities such as, paint, scissors, glue, chalk and stamps
  • fine motor activities such as, beading, lacing and building
  • cognitive activities such as puzzles, books and games
  • creative play opportunities such as puppets, props to match themes, play doh and musical instruments.  

Circle Time:

A combination of quiet listening and active participation during a variety of learning activities that provide opportunities for language development and thinking skills. This time includes calendar activities, story books, finger plays and songs that incorporate the letter and/or theme of the week.  


The children start with a warm up time that includes movement and stretching exercises. This time often includes activities that involve manipulating objects such as bean bags, balls, soft frisbees, scarves, parachute, etc. Children are then involved in various gross motor activities while completing a gymnastics circuit. These activities are specially designed to develop balance, coordination, strength and agility. Gross motor skills such as running, jumping, skipping and climbing are also a main focus.  


This free choice time gives the children the opportunity for both quiet individual activities as well as social interaction. The center choices include; dramatic play center, building center, reading and writing center and the puzzles and manipulatives center. Center time provides opportunities for teachers work with children on social skills such as; sharing, communicating wants and needs, respect for toys and friends, taking turns and cleaning up.  

Lesson & Project Time:

This is the time to introduce new concepts and expand the children's learning. The lesson teaches about the theme and/or letter of the week. These concepts are extended through hands on activities such as art projects, experiments, songs and games.

Open Gym:

This is a free choice time in a large open gym space, similar to recess. This is an opportunity for physical exercise, gross motor development, and social interaction. Children have the chance to run, jump, climb, and play on various shapes and sizes of foam mats.